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Shake it up like Flubit – described as Amazon’s biggest competitor… probably

We are introducing you to! Claimed to be the biggest competitor Amazon has ever seen!

“Amazon’s biggest competitor” or “A platform ready to transform the ecommerce world” are some of the phrases describing the very new UK’s largest independent online marketplace,!

Flubit first introduced in 2012 and it has described itself as an innovative shopping model that provides millions of prices cheaper than Amazon, every week!


What’s so special about Flubit?

Flubit gets straight to the point of what’s important to you the shopper, as demonstrated by the headline on its website, “Over 1 Million items cheaper than Amazon, every week”.

Not only does Flubit claim to be cheaper than Amazon on millions of products, but the shipping lead times are comparable.


How does Flubit actually work?

Flubit works with 1000s of UK suppliers to create the largest UK independent marketplace in the country. Did you know they have over 71 Million SKUs (products) in their inventory database?

Rather than give set fees to their merchants, they work on a wholesale model with their suppliers, meaning Flubit can set the sale price, and allows the customers to save dynamically.

Here’s a great example (accurate at the time of writing). This Mason Pearson hair brush is £47.91 on Amazon (including free to UK address Amazon shipping), but just £38.25 on (including shipping to a UK address). A bargain, right?

According to Flubit they adjust 500 prices a second, every second of the month, to keep themselves current!

We know that you love Amazon, so do we! But when it comes to online shopping it is our customer commitment to provide you with the best available options.

Flubit, sounds like a clever idea to us!
Why not give it a try by yourself and let us know of your thoughts?

Visit the Flubit website HERE

Happy Shopping,


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