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Important UK Warehouse Update

Your OLD personal shopping address ‘Wickford (SS11 8UD) UK’ becomes invalid on 31st August 2017

Further to our previous announcement on 8th July 2017, regarding the change of the UK warehouse address, we would again like to inform you that the 31st August 2017 is the last day that parcels will be accepted at your old personal shopping address at Wickford. 

From this point forward we strongly advise you to use your new personal UK shopping address that is available in your Eshopwedrop account:

Eshop customer reference number
700 Avenue West 
Skyline 120
Great Notley
CM77 7AA 

It is important to remember and consider that any parcel delivered to the old warehouse address after the 31st August will fall outside the responsibility of EshopWedrop. Referring to our terms and conditions, if a parcel is sent to the old address after this date it will not be responsibility of EshopWedrop and we will not be able to deliver any parcel. 

The decision to change our UK warehouse reflects our desire to deliver the best service for our customers. Due to the nature of our new UK warehouse operation and use of hi-tech scanning and process equipment you will be sure to receive a much-improved service when ordering goods from the UK.

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uk available again
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