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Get to know our Drops Reward Programme!

Have you heard about our customer reward programme yet? Drops are all about thanking and rewarding our customers for their continued custom and loyalty. We know how much consumers love to shop online from around the world and have parcels delivered to them in Latvia, and we believe that rewarding this loyalty is crucial!

Our Drops Rewards Programme was created to allow for the accumulation of both Reward and Status Drops, and the enjoyment of benefits both types of Drops provide.

What are Drops?

EshopWedrop gives customers the opportunity to earn Drops with every parcel that they order. They can choose to turn these Drops into discounts which can be used towards delivery payments from Europe, the USA or the UK. It’s that simple! Reward Drops will be earned on all parcels ordered, to celebrate a customer’s birthday or on other discretionary events throughout the year. Cash in your Reward Drops for exclusive discounts towards your parcels’ deliveries. Status Drops, on the other hand will allow you to gain a higher status account as you earn more Drops throughout the year. 

Customers can gain a new enhanced status each year depending on the number of Drops collected. The status levels are Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher level you reach, the more Drops you will earn per parcel delivered to you. A Gold or Platinum status user will also receive exclusive Amazon vouchers.

At the end of each year accumulated Reward Drops will not expire until they are converted into discounts and will be shown in a customer’s Drops Statement, found in their account. 

At the beginning of the calendar year, the number of Status Drops will revert back to zero, however the status (Blue, Silver, Gold & Platinum) of the customer’s account will reflect the number of Status Drops collected in the previous year. Achieved Drops status will reflect the number collected during the previous year (i.e. 105 Drops collected in 2021 would mean that in 2022 a customer will hold Gold status).

Drops Status Levels:

Blue: 0-11 Drops per year

1 Parcel = 1 Status Drop + 1 Reward Drop

Silver: 12-99 Drops per year

1 Parcel = 2 Status Drops + 2 Reward Drops

Gold: 100 – 299 Drops per year

1 Parcel = 3 Status Drops + 3 Reward Drops

Amazon Voucher = 5EUR

Platinum: 300+ Drops per year

1 Parcel = 4 Status Drops + 4 Reward Drops

Amazon Voucher = 10EUR


Interested? Opt-in to our loyalty programme today and start collecting your rewards! Simply log in to your account or click the link below to join!

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Should you have any questions about Drops, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team and they will be happy to assist with any queries you may have!

Start enjoying the exclusive benefits of being an EshopWedrop Drops Member today!


Stay safe and keep happy,

Your EshopWedrop Team

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